• Ruined  Location
    Ruined Location
  • Space Marine
    Space Marine
  • Demon VS. Ted-E-Bear
    Demon VS. Ted-E-Bear
  • Women Concepts
    Women Concepts
  • Style Exploration 1
    Style Exploration 1
  • Style exploration 2
    Style exploration 2
  • Mobile Screens
    Mobile Screens
  • IOS  loading screen
    IOS loading screen
  • Prop Concepts
    Prop Concepts
  • Marketing Banner
    Marketing Banner
  • Baseball Field Concepts
    Baseball Field Concepts
  • Mega Lucky Bonus Slot
    Mega Lucky Bonus Slot
  • UI & iconography 1
    UI & iconography 1
  • UI & iconography 2
    UI & iconography 2
  • Zynga poker 2 Lobby
    Zynga poker 2 Lobby


This show multiple styles and systems I’ll use if I have to concepts something.

Often I’ll start with basic lines in Photoshop & polish  or a start with a rough renders of 3D Objects to use as paint overs.

To see more illustrations  (Click on the “Art Direction”  in the main menu)